You’ve landed at the home of the Cheeky Toad – welcome aboard! You’d think that since this little idea has been underway since 2007 it would be further along the path, but slowly we creep! Here, you’ll find greetings cards and kids t-shirts with a British twist, and a blog which intermittently provides insight into all kinds of British-isms and also tells the story of the journey of this little business and lessons learned along the way.

recently on the blog...

Guesting over at Smitten by Britain – the best ice cream ever!

It happened… Melissa at Smitten by Britain hit the publish button and I am now officially a Guest Blogger. I can’t quite believe it.´╗┐

If you are feeling peckish, you might want to wait till after you’ve eaten to watch. Or better yet, grab some proper Cadbury’s chocolate and watch and nibble at the same time. I’ve been roving around the house all day hoping a Flake (or better yet a Twirl) might be lurking about somewhere, but alas not!

One thing leads to another… serendipity and all that

Last week I was traveling back from Pittsburgh, the flight was delayed because of a thunderstorm, and I missed my connection back to Provincetown – the last flight of the evening. Frustrations ensued and I ended up having to get the bus back to the Cape. So, naturally, I fill my time checking Twitter, email,…

Back in business….

Time to get this show on the road again. 2009 was lost (in a good way) to the house-building project. The house is done, we are in it, and now it is time to focus on Cheeky Toad again. I am working on an updated website, on a new platform.